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18/19 Blister Winter Buyer's Guide

Most Buyer’s Guides are useless: lots of photos and advertisements, little real information.

So three years ago, we made it our mission to produce the most honest, no-BS buyer’s guide the ski industry had ever seen, and readers and manufacturers both agreed that we hit the mark. How?

Other publications do all of their testing in just a few days. We literally test year round. Nobody puts in as much time on equipment as we do, so no other Guide can match the accuracy of our reviews and comparisons. And we don’t take any money from the ski or snowboard companies we review, so what you get is always 100% honest, not poorly-written advertorials.



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Our Deep Dive Comparisons

Go beyond our free, online reviews with even more focused, in-depth discussions and direct, detailed comparisons of ski and bike products. The most useful and in-depth comparisons you’ll find anywhere.

When it comes to getting exactly the right bike or ski, it is our analysis of how a product stacks up against its direct competitors that will steer you to the best possible products for how and where you ride.

Check out this sample Deep Dive of the Black Crows Daemon.

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We’ve all been there: sometimes you just want to get on the phone with someone who can make sure that you’re going to get the best bike or ski setup for your upcoming trip, or before the start of the season.

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