Since our mission is to review and identify the best gear going, we’ve sought to find the best possible places to conduct these tests.

BLISTER has identified and teamed up with a select few resorts that serve as ideal test sites.

Our criteria was clear: we were looking for mountains that offer good snow, amazing terrain, and exceptional people. What we weren’t looking for was attitude, an abundance of five star restaurants, or a scene where the parties seem to be more important than the skiing.

Our BLISTER Resorts represent a collective that doesn’t care about the brand of your jacket, or how gnar you think you are, just your love of the mountains and your passion for playing in the snow. It’s a collective that still gets it, and a group that lets you go get after it.

Alta. Jackson Hole. Taos. Las Leñas.

Iconic names, authentic places, stunning playgrounds.

Once you visit, we’re sure you’ll see why they’re the places we call home.

To learn more about BLISTER’s take on each of them, please follow the links below.

Alta Ski Area

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Taos Ski Valley

Las Leñas