Blister Recommended Shops

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We love great shops. For most of our lives, we’ve hung out in them, depended on them, and worked in them.

Great shops are the lifeblood of our sports, and the best ones do two things:

(1) They welcome beginners and help grow their passion for the sport.

So we have no time for shops that talk down to or discourage anyone who is looking to get started.

(2) They are able to take care of diehards and experts.

This rules out many big-box stores that often are staffed by people who aren’t terribly knowledgeable or passionate about the equipment they’re selling.

Blister Recommended Shops are a collective of the best service-oriented shops in the world. Simply put, these are the places we trust most in a given locale to work on our boots, to wrench on our bikes, to tune our skis, and to recommend the right equipment.

It’s not to say that there aren’t some other great shops out there, but these are the ones we can and will vouch for, and they are all shops that are deserving of your business.

And to ensure that this stays a top-shelf list, we are going to reevaluate this list each year. You won’t find shops here that used to be good.

Blister Shops also support our mission to produce fully honest, independent reviews. So check them out, and tell them we sent you. Then let us know how it goes — your feedback will be an important part of our review process to ensure that only legit shops are on this list.

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BENTGATE — Golden, Colorado

For over twenty years, Bentgate has been the core climbing and ski shop for Denver and Golden, Colorado.

ALPINE SPORTS — Santa Fe, New Mexico

Alpine Sports has been in Santa Fe, New Mexico, for a long time, and new ownership has made this shop easy to recommend.

POWDER HOUND SKI SHOP — Girdwood, Alaska

Whether you’re headed to Alyeska Resort, flying with Chugach Powder Guides, or ski touring around Girdwood or Anchorage, Alaska, Powder Hound is the shop you should visit for all things ski and snowboard related.

LARRY’S BOOTFITTING — Boulder, Colorado

Larry’s Bootfitting is an institution, and Larry himself is the man.
So put the two together, and you get one of the best bootfitting shops in the world.

ALPENGLOW SPORTS — Tahoe City, California

Not only is Alpenglow Sports an excellent shop, it is also at the epicenter of Lake Tahoe outdoor culture.

BLACK SHEEP SPORTS — Munich, Germany

Black Sheep Sports is the premier freeride shop in Munich. From an impressive selection of boutique skis, to excellent bootfitting, and Bavarian beer, Black Sheep has it all.


In addition to being one of the nicest shops we’ve ever walked into, the Crow’s Feet Commons staff are a collection of gear nerds, experienced guides, capable ski tuners, and competent bike mechanics.

BOOTDOCTORS — Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico

The BootDoctors at Taos Ski Valley is a full-service ski shop that handles tunes and mounts; sells skis, boots, and outerwear; and is home to the best team of bootfitters in the state of New Mexico.

GNOMES ALPINE SPORTS — Darfield, New Zealand

Gnomes is the shop we trust and where we gear up on our way to the club fields of Canterbury, New Zealand.