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Inkline Foot Science

Inkline Foot Science, Salt Lake City, Utah (BLISTER Recommended Bootfitter)






Inkline Foot Science
2929 E. 3300 S.
Salt Lake City, UT 84109

Store Hours: Monday–Saturday, 8am–6pm


Phone: 801-486-6999



Chris O’Connor, the owner of Inkline Foot Science, has over 18 years of bootfitting experience. What we love about Chris and Inkline is that, first, like any top-shelf bootfitter, Chris is methodical. Good boot fitting takes time, and any shop that rushes customers through the boot fitting process will never appear on the BLISTER Shops list.

Chris O'Connor, Inkline Foot Science

Chris O’Connor, Inkline Foot Science

Chris not only provides excellent service and a lot of expertise, he also provides a lot of value. There are certainly more expensive shops in the Salt Lake area, and Inkline’s combination of outstanding service at a good price is a big reason why Inkline is our first choice. (You can get a custom footbed at Inkline for about half the price you’ll pay at other shops.)

Chris is also a great guy who goes above and beyond to work with customers to get them in the right boot and one they can afford. And if Chris doesn’t have a boot that will work for you, he will refer you to other shops that might be able to get you exactly what you need—which we regard as a mark of exceptional customer service.

Chris trains his staff to do things the way he does, and he won’t put them on the floor until they are, as he says, “fluent in the ways of getting things right.”

100% Fit Guarantee

Perhaps even better than all of this is the fact that Inkline guarantees all the work they do. If they build you a custom insole and you don’t see an appreciable difference from your stock insoles, you can bring them back for a full refund.

Inkline also has a 100% guarantee on their bootfitting. If you go through their whole process and aren’t satisfied, you can return your boot for a full refund.

(Still wondering why Inkline Foot Science gets our strong recommendation?)

Liner Options

Inkline carries 14 different liners from a handful of companies, including Zipfit, Intuition, Sidas (Conformable), and Boot Doc Liners. Inkline molds hundreds of Intuition liners a year—far more than most shops—and conversations with Chris have made plain to us that a lot more art and science goes into getting an Intuition dialed than people think.

Skip the Wait: Schedule an Appointment

For all of the above reasons, word about Inkline Foot Science is spreading fast, so we strongly advise you to email Inkline and set up an appointment. Walk into Inkline without an appointment, and you may be facing a long wait. So save yourself some time and get set up at:

Inkline is open year round and builds custom orthotics for running shoes, cycling shoes, golf shoes, hockey skates, and pretty much everything else. Go see them.