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Larry’s Bootfitting

Larry's Bootfitting - Blister Recommended Shop

Larry’s Bootfitting

Larry’s Bootfitting


1665 Folsom St
Boulder, CO 80302

Store Hours:

Weekdays: 10-7
Saturdays: 10-6
Sundays: 12-5



Phone: (303) 402-6733




Larry’s Bootfitting is a bit of a throwback shop. For example, you’ll sit in 80’s-vintage red and gold voleur movie theater seats to get your boots fit. Bits of ski history adorn the walls, from old classics like the Head Standard (mounted with Cubco bindings, naturally), to posters signed by skiers from all eras, to the most extensive ski movie collection we’ve ever seen.

Larry even has a Volant Spatula prototype signed by Shane McConkey with the caption “Here’s some Mental Floss for the ski industry!”

Larry's Bootfitting - Blister Recommended Shop

Volant Spatula prototype signed by Shane McConkey

Every time a liner is heat molded at Larry’s, all of the bootfitters stop everything they are doing and converge on the customer. Like a well-choreographed dance, everyone has their part dialed and in a few short minutes, with their feet wrapped in warm liners, the customer stands on inclined blocks to let their liners cool. This happens about every 20 minutes.

Larry and his crew do one thing: bootfitting. There is no fancy website, no high-margin accessories, no salesmen — just bootfitters. Larry himself is an old-guard bootfitter with decades of experience. He’s the man. And his staff are great bootfitters too.

There’s not much more to say. This is one of the best bootfitting shops in the world.

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