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  • GH3_P1050169 (1)

    Deep Dive: J Skis – The Metal

    Become a Blister Member to see how The Metal stacks up agains the new Rossignol Soul 7 HD, Line...

  • Jonathan Ellsworth - Nordica Enforcer 93 - Deep Dive Slider

    Deep Dive: Nordica Enforcer 93

    We compare Nordica's new Enforcer 93 to eight other skis in its class.

    Blister’s Flash...

  • IMG_2562

    Dynafit Vulcan vs. Salomon MTN Lab

    Here it is, a direct comparison of two of the best touring boots we’ve ever skied: the Dynafit Vulcan...

  • IMG_0746

    Deep Dive: Black Diamond Carbon Convert vs. Blizzard Zero G 108 vs. vs. Volkl V-Werks BMT 109

    We compare three popular touring skis in the 105mm-110mm width range.

    Blister’s Flash Reviews and...

  • Maybe Run with Best Of Opener

    Deep Dive: Powder Ski Comparisons

    If all this talk of an El Nino winter has you thinking of deep pow & fat skis, then...

  • DCIM101GOPROG0551776.

    Deep Dive: Line Sir Francis Bacon vs. Mordecai

    Line's new Bacon and Mordecai are both playful all-mountain skis, but they certainly aren't the same. We break down...

  • Blizzard Bonafide - slider

    Blizzard’s All-Mountain Line: 14/15 vs 15/16

    We take a look at the entire Blizzard lineup, pit the 14/15 line against the 15/16, and talk about...

  • IMG_3099-2

    Tecnica Cochise Pro 130 vs. Lange XT 130

    The Cochise Pro has been the undisputed king of burlier alpine boots with a walk mode. But the new...

  • Volkl Kendo

    Deep Dive: Volkl Kendo

    We pit the new Kendo up against the Blizzard Brahma and Bonafide, the Salomon X-Drive 8.0 and 8.8, the Fischer Motive 86 Ti, the Volkl Mantra, the Dynastar Powertrack 89, and the K2 Pinnacle 95.

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  • Jonathan Ellsworth on the Atomic Vantage 100 CTi - slider

    Deep Dive: Atomic Vantage 100

    We compare the Atomic Vantage 100CTi to the Blizzard Bonafide, Volkl Mantra, Nordica Enforcer, Rossignol Experience 100, and K2...

  • JE - Invictus - Taos - slider

    Deep Dive: Armada Invictus 108Ti

    We compare the Invictus to 9 other directional chargers, and put them all on a spectrum from 'most demanding...

  • Moment Governor - Thumb

    Deep Dive: Moment Governor

    We compare the Moment Governor to the Rossignol Squad 7, the DPS Wailer 112RPC, the Praxis GPO, the Blizzard...

  • Supernatural 108 and Blizzard Cochise Slider

    Line Supernatural 108 vs. Blizzard Cochise

    We've heaped a lot of praise on both the Supernatural 108 and the Cochise, so we spent several days...