Bikes vs. Skis, Part 2 (Ep.23)

We’re back with round 2 of Bikes vs. Skis, where our bike editor, Noah Bodman, and I ask the question, “Which particular bike company is most like which particular ski company?”

Bikes vs. Skis, Part on the GEAR:30 podcast

Which bike company is most like which ski company?

And ever since Bikes vs Skis, Part 1, it has warmed our hearts to find out that a lot of you wonder about these sorts of questions, too, and Noah and I talk about a number of your suggestions in this episode. So listen up to see where we think you had the better answer, and where we think you are clearly crazy.

Here in Part 2, Noah offers his rather surprising vote for the “best looking bikes ever made”; we discuss which bike is the equivalent of the Moment Bibby / Wildcat / Blister Pro; and we give our take on another 20+ bike companies.


  • Which bike company is Moment Skis? (4:50)
  • Santa Cruz (7:50)
  • Yeti (9:16)
  • Bike equivalent of Kaestle or Stockli? (10:40)
  • What bike is the Moment Bibby Pro? (13:19)
  • Commencal (22:39)
  • Canfield (25:01)
  • Devinci (26:30)
  • Zerode (30:35)
  • Surly (32:17)
  • Salsa (36:40)
  • Intense (39:38)
  • Kona (43:59)
  • Rocky Mountain (46:08)
  • J Skis? (47:40)
  • Knolly (51:09)
  • Schwinn (54:57)
  • Smaller indie bike vs. indie ski co’s (57:15)
  • Scott (1:02:30)
  • KHS (1:08:34)
  • Diamondback (1:11:25)
  • GT (1:13:44)
  • Mongoose (1:16:33)
  • How to apply for Team Disappointment (1:20:30)

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  1. Blister Member
    Chrisc70 August 11, 2018 Reply

    Not sure what I think of Pivot as Blizzard. Out here in the East, Blizzards are like Volkls — most weekend warriors have them as their quiver of one daily driver set up with Marker Gryphons that the shop sold them as a package — which makes them more similar to Trek or Specialized than Pivot or Ibis. Granted, Blizzard and Volkl aren’t as big as Rossi or Solomon (the clear analogs to Trek/Specialized), but on the East Coast you would never know it.

    At least out here, Pivot is more of a brand that skilled riders who know a good product will ride and it’s not very well known. When you roll up to the trailhead on a Pivot, it definitely has the “cool kids” factor you guys discussed akin to a Moment or Black Crows. In fact, while Moment may be all over Tahoe, I bet I’m one of the few EC skiers that owns a pair (Bibbys, of course, they’re for out west and AK). Black Crows are also not very well known out here although I have a pair of Corvus’s and love them.

    So having listened to you guys I found it interesting how some of your observations varied from mine for reasons of geography. To me, I would compare Pivot to Black Crows because they make a very good, high end product that has a desirability to it by people who are aware of these products. I could say the same about Moment, but that’s a little more punk rock vibe whereas BC is, in my mind, less of the marketing vibe and more straight up, ski big mountains kinda vibe. Make sense?

    Anyway, you guys are pretty analytical and intellectual so I thought the geography angle would intrigue you. Also, this comparison is genius! I literally spend hours doing exactly what this pod cast did for all my gear across the various disciplines. Great stuff


    P.S. I had a pair of Brahmas a couple years ago, and while I found them serviceable (never fell in love with them), I did always think of them as lighter than most skis so it was interesting to hear that you guys consider Blizzard to be a heavy ski.

  2. Other Aaron August 12, 2018 Reply

    Scott bike = Fischer Skis

    • Other Aaron August 14, 2018 Reply

      I guess I should elaborate. The Fischer/Scott comparison is mostly made when looking at Scott’s full bicycle range, and not just mountain bikes. Scott, in the states at least, definitely is better known for their road bikes and XC bikes, and sponsored riders/teams (Greenedge/Mitchelton-Scott, Nino Schuerter, than their enduro/trail bikes at the moment. However, they do have a much stronger association with downhill and freeride with riders like Brendan Fairclough, Remy Absalon, Andrew Neethling, etc. While not as big as Specialized, Trek, Merida, Giant, etc., they produce quality bikes for all segments and levels. Similarly, Fischer produces quality skis in every category, from Racing to freeride, even including Nordic and niche (in the US) disciplines of Ski Jumping and Skimo racing. In the States, Fischer is more likely to be known and used by racers and bigmountain/freeride skiers than the typical resort skier.

      On the other hand, Scott Skis has a prettly limited range, primarily focused on some freeride and ski touring skis, with nothing-little available in the racing/performance or frontside/AM categories

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