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Ep. 38: DPS Skis Founder, Stephan Drake

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A few days ago in Salt Lake City, I sat down with DPS Skis founder, Stephan Drake.

DPS Skis Founder, Stephan Drake, on the Blister Podcast

DPS Skis founder, Stephan Drake. (photo by Oscar Enander)

Today, almost every single ski in existence incorporates rocker. And Stephan produced the first quote-unquote rockered ski in existence. He was also one of the first ski designers to really incorporate carbon fiber — which as you all know, is now omnipresent in the ski world.

Of course, another prominent trend in the industry is an emphasis on low weight, and that, too, is something that DPS has been focused on since the beginning.

Finally, and perhaps most remarkably, Stephan and I talk about the DPS ski boot that Stephan has been working on for several years now. In short, this concept would basically turn the past 50 years of ski boot design on its head, and if it works, the term “game-changing” would once again be relevant, and it would almost be putting it mildly.


  • Where did you grow up, and when did you get into skiing? (2:25)
  • Being a “gringo ski bum” down in Las Lenas, Argentina (7:40)
  • Were you interested in product design in general Early days of DPS / Design? (13:35)
  • Carbon fiber & the history of DPS (18:50)
  • The first rockered ski — the 2002 Tabula Rasa (23:40)
  • Low weight and the “race to zero” in ski design (26:37)
  • DPS’s new Alchemist construction (vs. their DPS Pure3 construction) (29:30)
  • Tip Taper (where Stephan and I duke it out?) (40:39)
  • The new paradigm-shifting DPS ski boot (54:15)


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