New DPS Skis & Products with Stephan Drake (Ep.22)

We talk with DPS Skis founder, Stephan Drake, about DPS Dreamtime; the new DPS Wailer 110; the DPS Spoon, Lotus 138, and 124; and some very big news about DPS Phantom, the ski and snowboard base treatment that DPS introduced this past season.


  • Stephan’s background and the history of DPS: Episode #38 of the Blister Podcast
  • Conversation with Stephan on the introduction of Phantom: Episode #59 of the Blister Podcast

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  • Stephan’s current ski testing (2:45)
  • What is DPS Dreamtime? (3:22)
  • DPS “Powderworks” – and the new DPS Wailer 110 (5:18)
  • Clarifying the DPS framework: constructions & shapes (9:49)
  • The DPS Lotus 138 (13:47)
  • DPS Spoon (17:53)
  • Lotus 138 vs. DPS Spoon (19:10)
  • Lotus 124 vs. Lotus 138 (22:40)
  • Cassiar 94 and Cassiar 79 (24:54)
  • Big News about DPS Phantom (27:52)

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  1. Eric Edelstein July 20, 2018 Reply

    Thanks for letting us hear from Stephan in his own words….useful info for DPS followers! Keep up the good work Jonathan.

    Eric E.

  2. Gary July 27, 2018 Reply

    I really want to be sold on Phantom Wax, and I feel like most likely this will be the season I go ahead and give it a try. The only question that keeps floating in my mind is that if DPS is so confident in the product, why don’t they put it on every new ski they make?

    • Blister Member
      Konsta July 30, 2018 Reply

      Lot of reasons probably but the most obvious one to me is that it’s much better business selling Phantom to early adopters than using a high share of the probably limited production capability for DPS skis only. With time this should change, though.

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