Preview: 2015-2016 Armada Invictus 95Ti

Ski: 2015-2016 Armada Invictus 95Ti

Stated Dimensions (mm): 133-95-123 (in 185cm length)

Stated Sidecut Radius: 20.5 meters (in 185cm length)

Available Lengths: 167, 176, 185cm

The 2014-2015 Armada Invictus is one of the most stable skis we’ve tested to date. It’s great for skiing hard through mixed, variable conditions, but has impressed us with its performance in fresh, deep snow, too.

Now, for the 2015-2016 season, Armada will offer a series of skis based on the Invictus.

The original, 108mm-underfoot Invictus is now called the the Invictus 108Ti, and is joined by three new models: the 95mm-underfoot Invictus 95Ti, the Invictus 89Ti, and the Invictus 95 (which is the same as the 95Ti, but has a slightly softer flex and no titanal in its core construction).

Like the Invictus 108Ti, the 95Ti has a stiff flex in both the tip and tail (though the shovel is slightly softer), and a good amount of tip rocker.

And as with the original Invictus, thanks to the pronounced tip rocker on the 95Ti, we expect it to do quite well in soft, fresh conditions for its width, but to still be a very capable ski in bumps, where the width and weight of the Invictus 108 Ti can make it feel fairly cumbersome.

The 95Ti also has a 20.5 meter sidecut radius, which suggests it could still be pretty exciting on groomers, while its performance in variable conditions could be quite solid compared to other skis in its class – if the original Invictus is any indication, that is.


SIA Tradeshow 2015, Blister Gear Review

Armada Invictus 95 Ti



SIA Tradeshow 2015, Blister Gear Review

Armada Invictus 95 Ti



SIA Tradeshow 2015, Blister Gear Review

Armada Ivictus 95 Ti – Tip Profile



Armada Ivictus 95 Ti - Tail Profile

Armada Ivictus 95 Ti – Tip Profile



SIA Tradeshow 2015, Blister Gear Review

Armada Ivictus 95 Ti – Bases


  1. Blister Member
    Hannes February 10, 2015 Reply

    I have seen some pictures indicating there will be an invictus 95 “Metallica Collab.” with the “Master of Puppets” cover on its topsheet. Please confirm this is not just a joke and this will actually be released…(this would be something I would be pretty excited about…)

  2. Blister Member
    Hannes February 11, 2015 Reply

    PS: I know it shouldn’t be about the graphics. But the cover of maybe “the best metall album ever” on a very interesting ski = kid in a toystore…

  3. Thamollusk March 23, 2015 Reply

    I demo’d these yesterday and loved them. I was on the 95TI and it was one of my favorite skis. Very solid!

  4. Alex May 8, 2015 Reply

    The Invictus 95ti will be available in the graphic shown above for $649.95 and a special limited edition Metallica x Invictus 95ti version (featuring Armada’s treatment of the Master of the Puppets album art) for $749.95.

    While preorders on the Metallica site have ceased, many retailers will be bringing them into their shops for the fall, so you still have a chance to buy.

  5. Blister Member
    Livingston_M December 7, 2015 Reply

    Would love to see you guys do a review of this 185 Armada Invictus 95ti and the 186 ON3P Wrenegade 102, and how they compare to skis like the new Enforcer, etc.

  6. Will Brown December 14, 2015 Reply

    10-4, Matt.

    We’ll be sure to put those skis on our hit list for the season.


    Will B

  7. Kyle February 13, 2016 Reply

    Will… When is the full review coming out?? Looking to buy these guys but want to see what you say first.

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