Black Crows Skis 18/19 Lineup (Ep.7)

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This is Part 2 of our conversation with Black Crows co-founder, Camille Jaccoux, and head ski designer, Julien Regnier.

Here, we get into the topic of women-specific skis, then go over what’s new in the Black Crows 18/19 lineup before it gets unveiled in Denver next week at the SIA tradeshow.

You can check out Part 1 of our conversation with Camille and Julien about the history and trajectory of the Black Crows on the Blister Podcast (episode 64) but here is Part 2:


  • The Black Crows approach to women-specific skis (2:12)
  • The Black Crows Arto and Vertis (12:50)
  • The difference between the 16/17 Atris and the current Atris (13:27)
  • Julien’s take on mount points (21:39)
  • The redesigned Corvus (24:19)
  • The redesigned Camox Freebird (25:45)
  • The new Solis (26:55)
  • Camille on the new Black Crows apparel (29:37)

This episode is presented by Marble Brewery. Check out their Reserve Ale that we talk about in the intro to this episode.

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  1. Some Ski Guy January 22, 2018 Reply

    You know what I’d actually want and can nearly justify in terms of spend on skis to compliment our household’s current selection of 6 pairs of assorted freeskis? Something even harder to get your hands on than a GS ski with a cool topsheet.

    A no compromise, competition-ready Black Crows mogul ski. That’s the cool, narrow, all-mountain ski that shops’ ski walls need.

  2. Andy January 29, 2018 Reply

    Wait, a flat cambered Corvus?!?! Holy shit that sounds amazing. Make a freebird version of that and i’m Buying

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