Dialing in “The Hammer” + other New Folsom Skis (Ep.19)

I sat down with Mike McCabe at the Folsom Skis headquarters in Denver, Colorado, to dial in “The Hammer” that he and I have been discussing for a long time now (and that’s based on the Folsom Primary I reviewed last season):

Folsom Custom Skis' Mike McCabe on the Blister Podcast

“The Hammer” by Folsom Skis

We then discuss three other new skis that Mike’s recently developed, the Spar 88, some new editions of the Rad Dad, and the Primary Plus:

Folsom Custom Skis' Mike McCabe on the Blister Podcast

Folsom Spar 88, Primary Plus, and Rad Dad.


  • Background on The Hammer (2:33)
  • Folsom’s new “Primary Plus” (11:14)
  • Tweaks to the Primary to create The Hammer (12:08)
  • The new Folsom SPAR 88 (27:06)
  • New variation of the Folsom Rad Dad (31:09)
  • More on the new Folsom Primary Plus (35:53)

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  1. Blister Member
    Severin June 1, 2018 Reply

    Really excited for the review of the hammer, will folsom be providing the 30% discount on the hammer like they did on the primary «blister build» from last year?

  2. Blister Member
    David June 12, 2018 Reply

    Liking the sound of the Primary Plus 196.

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