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Summit Sport, Whistler BC

Summit Sport


4293 Mountain Square
Whistler, BC V0N 1B4

Summer Hours:

8 am — 8 pm, 7 Days a week

Tel: (604) 932-6225

Website: Summit Sport

There are a ton of ski and bike shops around Whistler, and it can be difficult to know in advance what sets each shop apart from the others. For our ’16 Whistler trip we worked with Summit Sport, and this writeup will explain why we did and what the shop has to offer.

We knew heading into this trip that we wanted to work with a shop that had a large demo fleet, offered good service, and was close to the mountain so that we could swap out bikes quickly.

Summit Sport is all of that and more.

Blister Shop Summit Sports Whistler.

Blister Shop Summit Sports, Whistler BC.

Summit Sport is located right on the main Whistler plaza—about as close to the lifts as you can get—in a large, two-story space. And in contrast to most of the shops and restaurants in Whistler, it has a lot of room inside that’s divided between soft goods retail upstairs, and rentals, demos, and service downstairs.

Summit Sports, Whistler, BC.

Summit Sports, Whistler, BC.

In the summer, Summit is open until 8 pm, and they’ve got a huge selection of rental and demo bikes from Trek and Rocky Mountain in a full range of sizes—plus Norco DH bikes for the kids. We spent time on a couple of Trek Sessions, the new Rocky Mountain Slayer, and the Rocky Mountain Instinct.

In addition to bikes, Summit also rents protective gear and helmets, so if you lose your luggage or come unprepared, they’ve got you covered. They also have a handy air compressor out front if you happen to lose some air in the park.

Noah Bodman on a Trek Session from Summit Sports, Whistler Bike Park. (photo by

Noah Bodman on a Trek Session from Summit Sports, Whistler Bike Park. (photo by Cy Whitling)

With a full lineup of Trek Sessions and Rocky Mountain Maidens, Summit is prepared for a wide range of downhill riders, and they also have have a broad selection of Rocky Mountain Instincts and Trek Remedys for more trail-oriented riders.

Blister Shop Summit Sports Whistler.

Summit Sports, Whistler, BC.

During our time in Whistler, we would often ride some of the valley’s excellent pedal-accessed trails in the morning, then swap to bigger bikes for laps in the park through Whistler’s extended evening hours of operation. Summit’s central location made the transition simple and painless.

Noah Bodman on a Rocky Mountain Instinct from Summit Sports, Whistler, BC.

Noah Bodman on a Rocky Mountain Instinct from Summit Sports, Whistler, BC.

If you fly into Whistler and can only bring your DH bike, we highly recommend grabbing a trail bike from Summit for a day or two — the trails around the valley that are within riding distance from the base area are legendary for a reason, and worth exploring.

In addition to rentals and demos, Summit also has a full retail shop with gear, apparel, and accessories, and the new Troy Lee Designs Pop Up shop is actually nestled in next to Summit, sharing the same space. From tubes, to fenders, to backpacks, to helmets, to sales on last year’s demo bikes, they’ve got it. And if you run into mechanical issues or get a flat out in the park, they’ve got what you need to get you back on the bike ASAP.

In the winter, Summit carries a full line of skis and boards, and offers demos and rentals as well as repair and tuning services. Between their convenient location, excellent service, and broad selection of bikes, Summit is the complete package.

Summer Hours:

8 am – 8 pm, 7 Days a week

Phone: (604) 932-6225

Website: Summit Sport




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