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Winter Outerwear & Apparel: Reviewers’ Choices (17/18)

Regardless of the activity, the right combination of clothes can be the difference between a great day outdoors versus a miserable, sweaty and / or cold one.

Our outerwear editor, Sam Shaheen, recently put together a guide on how to layer for different outdoor activities. He laid out how to think about each layer and how they work together, and that article should serve as a great way to think about building your own layering kit.

Sam talked about some of the specific pieces of his own layering combinations, and here, we’ve asked some of our other Blister reviewers what their go-to outerwear and apparel is for skiing, riding, and a few other activities.

As with our ski-quiver selections, these aren’t necessarily the best products per se, but they’re the products that our reviewers would choose.

We’ll be adding more of our reviewers’ submissions as we go, and we’d like to hear what pieces or combinations work best for you.

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• Luke Koppa
• Sam Shaheen
• Jonathan Ellsworth


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