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Blister Spectrums directly compare the skis in each category on key performance characteristics like stability at speed, playfulness, accessibility, etc.

Unlike other review publications, we don’t sell off awards in advertising deals. Instead, our ‘Best Of’ awards single out products that have proven over months or years of testing to be truly exceptional.

“Stated specs” are very frequently not the same as actual specs, so we measure important specs ourselves, including weights, dimensions, mount points, and rocker profiles — for every ski.

  “This is without a doubt the most comprehensive product guide I have ever come across. As a diehard ski fan, this is like the best birthday present I’ve ever received.” — A. Illingworth

  “This catalog — and all you do for all of us addicted to skiing — is amazing! This is the Holy Bible folks, the Holy Bible!” – I. Myashkov

  “Your Buyer’s Guide was the best such publication I’ve ever purchased in 20+ years following the industry.” – C. Kingsbury

  “Huge props on the Blister Winter Buyers Guide – it’s a freaking work of art. I especially love the rankings for conditions and application, in each category.” — K. Cunningham

  “You guys are to be commended. Better content and presentation than the publications that have been at it for say...45 years.” – J. Purdy

  “I thought the Buyer’s Guide was outstanding. The Blister Spectrums for specific ski characteristics is incredibly innovative and extremely useful. And the photos were beautiful and the aesthetics of the guide on point and still on my coffee table. Thanks for the work. Well done!” – R Belanger

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